How to sign up for a tournament
Simply sign up for one of your choices, you can enter sponsored tournaments and free entry tournaments. To sign up for paid tournaments, you must enter your payment information, upload your desired amount, and then sign up for that tournament with just a click.

How do I withdraw money
For security reasons, you need to use the same method that you used to deposit money, or to prove that you or someone from your family is the account holder. There is a 24-hour deadline to process the request, then you will receive money for the selected account. 

How can I invite my friends to the tournament
After you have created or registered for any tournament, the right menu below the map allows you to create an automatically generated banner with information about the tournament. It can be easily copied or forwarded directly to your social networks or sent directly to your friends and friends via message / email. So you can easily promote tournaments you have created and raise money for their creation.

Error in results or cheating players at play, what to do with it?
You can download anti-cheat for the given games and each tournament have a report option. If the tournament administrator has entered the results incorrectly, our staff will follow the other player's screenshots and build the results based on those. If you want to report that a player is cheating, you need to provide proof, five players' witnesses are counted when everyone, independently of each other, agrees that the player cheated. After that, our staff will consider and take appropriate action or ban the player. Another option is to upload and send a video with the name of the player attached to it, such evidence will be taken as a priority, and based on it, immediate consequences will be drawn.

I would like to report a problem or error / possible improvement on the web
To report bugs or submit suggestions for improvement, please use the following email: feedback@gsoul.eu If it is a substantial thing or a good idea, it is possible to get a financial award for this announcement or notice and further cooperation with our company. We are open to all suggestions and possible improvements.

I've noticed suspicious activity or inappropriate content
If you notice suspicious activity or register inappropriate / offensive content, please contact us by email: info@gsoul.eu If there is a significant improvement or a quality solution that has missed us, there is a possibility of financial reward.

I have payment problems, what should I do?
If you have transferred money and are not credited, please contact our support at info@gsoul.eu or the appropriate payment gateway provider for reporting the issue.

Interested in cooperation
If you are interested in cooperation with our company, please contact us at teamwork@gsoul.eu
You can find a list of searched positions under the "Cooperation" page.
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